Customize Quote & Order Forms

Ready to print or email Quotes & Orders? How Quotes & Orders look is determined by how you have your Quote & Order Forms set up. Update the default Quote & Order Forms to add or delete Fields, or add your company name, logo and contact information.

Forms are made up of Fields that can be added, removed or moved around. Click inside any Field to see what Options are available to modify for that kind of Field. There is no revert or undo feature in Forms. Duplicate an existing Form and make changes if you are experimenting with formatting and layout. See Related Articles below for more information.

  1. Go to Settings > Quote & Order > Forms > click on the name of the Form to edit.
  2. To edit any Field, click anywhere inside the Field to open the Edit Form Field box to make changes.edit a field in a form
  3. Click the Add Field icon to add new Fields to the Form.add new field to a form
  4. Click, hold, drag and Fields to move them around. Look for the two blue arrows with an orange line for placement.

    drag and drop fields