Customize Your Quote Form Templates

You will want to add your company name (and/or logo) and contact information to the Quote Form Template.  This is used to determine how your quotes look when they are printed or emailed to a customer. You might also want to change some of the details; perhaps you want to hide the measurements on the drawing or you want to show only the final total on the quote. 

  1. Go to Settings > Quote > FormsSettings > Quote > Forms
  2. Click the Quote Form that you want to edit. click on the quote form you want to edit
  3. The template is made up of boxes or fields that can pull information from your CounterGo system or display text or images that you add to the form. To edit any area, click on that box to open the field. To edit any area, click on that box to open the field
  4. Browse to add a logo, select logo placement from the drop-down menu, and edit the contact information for your company.add logo
  5. Click on any other field to customize. For example, this is the field for the Drawing.
    edit drawing field
  6. You can drag-and-drop fields to move them around:

    drag and drop fields

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