Price List - Getting Started

You don't need to complete your price list to start quoting, but you'll want to add your slab material and finished edges so you can select them when quoting. 

Don't worry about filling in all the pricing details right away. You can fill in those details during Step 6 of creating a quote! 

To get started, go to the Price List menu and then click on the Retail price list. 

Add Material to your Retail Price List

  1. Click the +Material in the first section of the price list. add material to pricelist
  2. Select Built-In and choose from the list of products already included in CounterGo or select Custom to add a custom product line.Material options
  3. When adding a Built-In product, CounterGo will provide a list of most colors, but you can add more later. You will want to add a default slab size for each product.Material Settings
  4. When adding a Custom product, you can cut/paste a list of colors or add just a few new write in colors while quoting.

Add Finished Edges

  1. Scroll down to the Finished Edges section of the Price List and click +Finished Edges.add finished edge
  2. Enter the names of the edges you want to add. Enter one Finished Edge per line. Click Save.adding edge names
  3. Click on the Edit icon next to the new finished edge to choose an image.editing edge
  4. Click in the field to see a list of images. adding edge picture
  5. Choose double or triple lamination to see those edge picture

NOTE: If you don't charge for a particular edge, just enter 0. if you don't charge for the edge enter 0

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