Adding Prices for Material on your Price List

Before entering prices, note if you charge your customers for only the square footage of the countertops or for the full slabs. Your answer may vary by color. For example, if you sell a lot of Absolute Black, you might charge customers only for the square footage they use because you're confident you'll use up the rest on other jobs. If you have to special order Arctic Pearl for a customer, you might charge them for the full slab because you don't want to be stuck with a remnant.

Either way, you will enter the price per square feet. If you're charging the customer for the full slab, you also check the box for Priced by the Slab. CounterGo will then use the price per square foot to determine the cost of each slab. 
Priced By Slab

NOTE: If you change the size of the slab on Step 5 when you're quoting, CounterGo will automatically adjust the price for that slab.

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