Add Extra Items On A Quote

Sometimes you will want to charge for items or services that are not captured in the drawing. For example, you might charge for faucets, tear-out or travel. You can add Other Items during Step 6 to handle these charges.

  1. On Step 6, click the plus sign for the Area where you want to add the item or service. add other item
  2. Select Add Miscellaneous Item.Add Miscellaneous item
  3. Enter description and details for the item.add description to miscellaneous item
  4. You can use Other Items to include a discount if you enter a negative number in the field for Price.Miscellaneous item as discount
  5. The Other Items are included on your finished quote under the Area where they were assigned. In this example, Tear-out was assigned to Area #1, and Discount was assigned to Area None - so Discount was pulled into it's own "Other Item" Area.otherother items

NOTE: You can also add Other Items to your Price List so your Salespeople will be able to choose them from a drop-down menu instead of typing in the details every time.

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