Create A Systemize Job From A CounterGo Quote

While we recommend you convert a Quote to an Order, then create a Systemize Job from that Order to transfer details like Price, Material, Color, Square Feet, Splash and Edge automatically, you can create a Job in Systemize directly from a CounterGo Quote.

You will have to manually enter the Quote details in a Job Form if you choose to bypass converting the Quote to an Order to create a Systemize Job.

If you have already created the Job in Systemize and want to add a Quote to it, see Related Articles below.

  1. Go to Quotes > Click on the Quote Name > Click on the Add Job icon to create a Systemize Job.create a systemize job from a CounterGo quote not an order
  2. If this is a Standalone customer, you can create both the  Account and the Job at the same time by clicking on the Add Account icon.
  3. The Account Name and Job Name fields will auto-populate, make any edits necessary. Select the Create Job button is selected, then click Save.
    create a systemize job from a standalone CounterGo Quote
  4. In Systemize, scroll below Job Activities and Job Forms to see the attached CounterGo Quote.view CounterGo Quote in a Systemize Job