Draw A U-Shaped Countertop

Drawing a U-shaped countertop is easy with CounterGo - but it does take a few minutes of practice before you get a feel for how CounterGo draws. 

drawing a U shaped counter

  1. When in Step 1, begin by drawing a rectangle, but don't let go of your mouse. If you're working on a tablet or touchscreen device, don't lift your finger/stylus off the screen. As you pause, you'll see a 3-sided arrow appear.drag your mouse to see three sided arrow
  2. Once the 3-sided arrow appears, move your mouse (or finger/stylus) in the direction needed for your countertop.continue to create the u shaped counter
  3. Pause again - without letting go of the mouse or lifting your finger/stylus - and draw the third side of your U-shape. U shaped counter