Add a slab image to a drawing


To help customers visualize a countertop, include a photograph of a specific slab in a CounterGo drawing.

Before you begin

Save digital photographs of slabs on your computer or in a location/shared folder accessible from the Internet such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud or cloud storage of your choice.

  1. Draw desired countertops, using Steps 1-4.
  2. After choosing your Product, Color and Edge on Step 5, click Slabs & Layout.slab and layout
  3. Once you layout your countertops on your slabs, click on the underlined slab dimensions to view the Slab on slab dimensions
  4. Click Select Image and then +Image File to upload your slab photo to imageadd image file
  5. Click Choose File to Upload and browse to select your image. Click Save.upload filesave image file
  6. Adjust the border of the shaded rectangle to select the usable area. Click Save.adjust image boarder
  7. Move the countertop pieces on the slab to consider how layout and seam placement will on stone.adjust counter top on slab
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