Add Sink Cutout Charges To Your Price List

CounterGo organizes Sink Cutout charges based on type and size. There are three Sink types: Undermount, Topmount and Farmer.

  1. Select your Price List and click the Edit button.Price List
  2. Scroll down to the section on Sink Cutouts. Click the > symbol to expand the Undermount Sink Cutout details.Sink Cutouts
  3. If you have a single price for any size Undermount cutout, simply enter the price in the space provided. Undermount Sink Cutouts
  4. If you have different prices for your undermount vanity or kitchen sink cutouts, first note the dimensions of each style sink.

    -   Vanity sinks are usually smaller than kitchen sinks. What is the longest edge of any of your vanity sinks?

    -   You can set a Range so any sink cutout that is smaller than that length will have one price (the price of your vanity cutout), and any sink cutout that is larger than that length will have a different price (the price of your kitchen sink cutout).
  5. Click the Edit button to add price Ranges. Edit Undermount Sink Cutout
  6. Click +Range.Add Ranges
  7. Add the lengths and the prices for each Range.Add Lengths
  8. Click +Range to add an additional Price Range.Ranges of Pricing
  9. Your Undermount Sink Cutout prices will now be grouped by the size - but those sizes can also correspond to your different sink cutout types.

    (See Related Articles for help creating shortcuts using Sink Cutout Options.)Range Definitions

Still a little confusing? Please give us a call! We're happy to help you think through your Price List and walk you through the steps.

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