Add Sink Cutout Charges To Your Price List

Ready to add Sink Cutout charges to your Price List? There are three Sink types in CounterGo: Undermount, Drop-In, and Farmer. You can create cutouts for different sizes of each of the three types.

Don't charge for cutouts? Enter zero, so it will auto-fill when creating Quotes.

Charge different prices for different size cutouts? You can create a Range of prices based on sink dimensions. The price is determined by the longest edge of the sink.
See Related articles for more on using Filters to create different charges for different materials.

  1. Go to Price Lists > click on the name of the Price List to update.
  2. Click on the Edit icon to make changes to the Price a price list to edit
  3. Scroll down to Sink Cutouts and expand one of the Sink Cutout types. Let's start with the Undermount Sink Cutout details.
  4. If you have a single price for any size Undermount cutout, enter the price.add sink cutout charge for all products and sizes
  5. If you need to add multiple prices, click the Edit button to add price Ranges
  6. Click +Range icon and add the lengths and the prices for each Range.
  7. Click +Range to add an additional price Range.add price ranges to sink cutouts in the price list
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