Add Sink Cutout Options As Shortcuts

After you've added your Sink Cutout charges to your Price List, it can be useful to create Sink Cutout Options as shortcuts for the cutouts your salespeople use most frequently. 

  1. On your Price List, click the +Sink Cutout Option.Sink Cutout Options
  2.  Enter the details for the sink cutout and Save.Enter details for Sink CutoutNOTE: You do not enter the price for the sink cutout here - that's why it's important to enter your Sink Cutout charges before adding these shortcut options. CounterGo will pull the price from the other section of your Price List based on the sink type (Undermount, Topmount, Farmer) and the dimensions.
  3. When creating a quote, select Add Sink Cutout during Step 4. You will see a list of the Sink Cutout shortcuts that you've added to your Price List.Do not enter prices here