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Email Templates contain a  Reply-To email address and From name, along with the default text that will appear in the email Subject line and Body. You can choose to have shared email templates sent from "" or users can choose to make their own customized templates, sent from their own email addresses.

It is a good idea to put a full name in the From Name field to minimize your email being tagged as junk or spam by your customer's email applications.

To create a new  Email Template with a different Reply-To Email address:

  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Email Templates.
    Note: if you do not see this menu option, ask the CounterGo Administrator at your company to make the change or to give you access to Quote Settings (see more about Security at the bottom of this page).
  2. The list of email templates you have will be displayed here. You can edit an existing template by clicking on the underlined name.
  3. Click the +Create icon above My Email Templates to create a new email template that only you can see and use.
    Click the  +Create icon above Shared Email Templates to create a new email template that can be seen and used by everyone who emails quotes.

    create email templates

    Enter a  Template Name that will be easy to recognize. Enter the new email address and name.

  4. Customize the Subject line and Body. Click Save.

    edit email template

    Hint: You can include your business contact info on every email by pasting it under the [Quote Link] in the template body.

  5. To email a quote using this new template, open a Quote and click Email in the top menu bar or at in the Email section a the bottom of the screen. Choose the template you created from the Email Template list.

    email a quote


If a user can email quotes, then they can also create their own email templates. If a user is an admin or has the ability to edit quote settings, they can also edit shared email templates.

security setting

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