Create Email Templates

Email Templates allow you to quickly send emails from CounterGo to your customers. An email Template lets you pre-populate the From email and name, designate if the Template is to be used for Quotes, Orders, or both Quotes & Orders, along with the default text that will appear in the email Subject line and Body.

The From Email is where replies from customers will go, they do not show here in CounterGo. It is a good idea to put a full name in the From Name field to minimize your email being tagged as junk or spam by your customer's email applications.

Note: if you do not see the menu options shown below, ask the CounterGo Administrator at your company to make the change or give you access to edit Email Templates.

  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Email Templates.
  2. Click the +Create icon across from My Email Templates or Shared Email Templates to create a new Email Template. You can edit an existing Template by clicking on the underlined name.

    My email templates and shared email templates

  3. In the Edit Email Template box enter the details of the template and specify if it is to be used for Quotes, Orders, or both.

    Set up email template with from email, user name, usage, subject line and body

  4. To email a Quote or Order using a Template, open a Quote or Order and click Email in the top menu bar and select the Email Template to use. 

    email from CounterGo using an email template


If a user can email Quotes and Orders, then they can also create their own Email Templates. If a user is an Admin or has the ability to edit Quote and Order settings, they can also edit Shared Email Templates.