Add Unit-Priced Items To The Price List

Are there things you charge for that aren't listed by default in the Price List? Add items to your Price List to charge for things that are not captured in the drawing, like tear-outs, travel, or faucets, by using a Unit-Priced Other Item. See Related Articles for help with fixed fee charges.


  1. Go to Price Lists > Click on the name of the Price List to edit > Click on the Edit icon across from Revision to make a price list to edit
  2. Scroll to the bottom and click the  Add Unit-Priced Other Item icon.
  3. Enter the Item Name and a Unit Name. Click Next.
  4. Time to add in how much to charge:
    If you only charge per unit, enter "0" in the Any field and your price per unit in the Price field.
    If you have base fee plus a per unit charge, enter your base fee in the Any field and the per unit charge in the Price unit priced other item and add charges
  5. Add a Range for if you have multiple prices based on your Unit of measure.add a price range to a unit priced item
  6. When finished, click Save then Save your Price List.


  1. In Step 6, click Add Other Items icon to see a list of Other Items added to your Price List.
  2. Enter the number of units and select the Area where you want the charge to appear on the Quote. 
    Choose Area [None] if you want the Item to subtotaled in it's own Area. add an other item to a Quote