Add Unit-Priced Items To Your Price List

You can add items to your Price List to charge for things that would not get captured in the drawing - things like demolition, travel or faucets. 

This article will show how to add a Unit-Priced Other Item. (See Related Articles for help with flat-rate charges).

  1. Open your Price List to edit and scroll down to the section at the very bottom for Other Items. Click +Unit-Price Other Item.Unit price other items
  2. Enter a Item Name and a Unit Name. Click Next.Name the item
  3. You can charge strictly per unit, or you can enter a base price plus per unit charge. 
    1. If you charge strictly per unit, enter "0" in the first field and your price per unit in the second field. Add pricing
    2. If you have base price plus a per unit charge, enter your base price in the first field and the per unit charge in the second field.Add pricing
  4. If your prices change for larger quantities, you can use the Range feature. Add Ranges
  5. When finished, click Save. Also Save your Price List.Save Price List
  6. When quoting, click +Other Items in Step 6 to see a list of your optional charges.Add Other Items to Quote
  7. Enter the number of units and select the Area where you want the charge to appear on the quote. 
    NOTE: Choose Area [None] if you want the Item to subtotaled in it's own area. Add Unit amount
  8. The charge will be calculated and added to your Quote. Line Item
  9. The printed quote will display according to the format of your Quote Template.Quote Form Display
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