Create a New CounterGo User

You can create additional CounterGo users who will be able to create and edit quotes in your system - without "bumping" another user off the system. Each CounterGo user is $50/month.

NOTE: You must be an Admin user to create a new user.

  1. Go to Settings > Users&Roles > Users.Users
  2. Click +Create.Create new user
  3. Enter the required details.New User roleUser Name - one word with no spaces 
    Password - can be temporary; check "Must Change Password" to force User to create new password
    Full Name
    Email Address - used to reset password if User forgets
  4. Under Permissions, choose a Role. Save.
  5. After creating a User, you will need to give your new user the link to your CounterGo system, as well as the User Name and Password.

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