Quote Multiple Color Or Material Options

Do you want to show customers how the total will change with multiple options of Materials, Colors, and Edges when pricing by the square foot? Use the Color Options feature in Step 5.

This feature only works when all the Material chosen is priced by the square foot, or if all slabs are the same size when pricing by the slab. You can compare one square foot Material with one priced by the slab.

If you have multiple Areas in a Quote or Order, you can make different selections in each Area.

For more information on adding Color Options to Print or Email, see Related Articles below.

Do not use the Color Options feature if you are quoting Material by the slab where the slabs differ in size.

  1. Select the first Material, Color & Edge in Step 5 then click the Add Color Option icon.
  2. Select the another Material, Color & Edge.add multiple color options to a quote or order
  3. To show Color Options on the printed Quote or Order, click PrintQuote (color options). If that Form does not appear in the drop-down list, see Related Articles to add Color Options to a Form. 
  4. The printed or emailed Quote or Order will show details for the first option, and for comparison, it will show the totals for the other selections in the  Color Option Field.print preview of a quote with multiple color options