Draw Non-Standard Backsplash Or Waterfall Edge

Do you need to see Splash, Edge, or waterfall pieces in the Drawing? Instead of adding a standard Splash or Edge in Step 3, draw the piece in Step 1.

Pieces with a minimum width of 1 inch can be drawn in CounterGo. Scenarios that call for drawing Splash or Edge manually instead of the built-in options in Step 3 include:

  • Quoting a mitered Edge with a waterfall to capture Material needed for waterfall.
  • Using a different Material for the Splash than the countertop Material.
  • Applying a different Edge Type to the Splash than the countertop Edge.
  • Gap/split in Splash for a window or range hood.
  • Need to put a Splash on a Bump-out.

For more information on waterfall edges, see Related Articles below.

  1. Draw the countertops then draw the Splash or Edge as a separate piece.
  2. Label each piece using the Text button.draw non-standard splash or edge in step 1 and label with text button
  3. For waterfall edges, go to Step 3 and select Additional Finished Edge to the will have miter seam. Select the Edge Type in Step 5.add edges to hand drawn splash and edge pieces