Filter A View By A Custom Field

Would you like to create a Quote or Order View filtered by a Field you created? Thre are two parts to this process after you have created the Field.

First add the Field as a Display Field, which will add it as a column in the View. Next, add a Filter for that Field and select what to include or exclude in the View. Both steps are under Options.

We recommend you Save your View for easy access later. For more info see Related Articles below.


  1. Go to Quotes or Orders > Options > Add Display Fields.
  2. Click on the Field name under All Fields to move it to the right.
  3. Under Selected Fields, click and hold the double-sided to drag and drop the Field and change the column location in the View if needed, then Saveadd a display field to add column to quote or order view


  1. Still in Quotes or Orders Options, click the Add Filters icon.
  2. Select Quote Field or Order Field as Filter Type.
  3. Choose the Field to filter by from the drop-down list and make any selections for what to include or exclude from the View then Save.
  4. The Display Field and the Filter have both been added, click Apply.add a filter to a quote or order view

The View has the Display Field added as a column and is Filtered by the Field selections.sample view of quotes filtered by a custom display field

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