Create An Invoice

Some CounterGo customers do all of their billing via their accounting system, while other CounterGo customers prefer to print a detailed invoice from CounterGo and then enter a less detailed invoice for receivable purposes in their accounting software. Discussing the process with the person responsible for billing in your organization is recommended.

This article provides a downloadable Invoice form that can easily be customized in CounterGo.

In cases where a customer is being invoiced for a deposit, and later for the final remaining balance, be sure to articulate that on the invoice.

  1. Download this Printable Invoice Form by right-clicking and selecting Save Link (Target) As... 


  2. Select Settings Quote > Forms
  3. Press the +Create button at the top of the page.
  4. Click the Import button at the top of the page.

    import form

  5. Select the file from the place it was downloaded and click Import.
  6. Click on the form header to change the fake company info and edit the payment terms at the bottom of the invoice.


To add an Invoice Date or Invoice Number to your quotes and invoice form, create custom fields Invoice Date (type Date) and/or Invoice Number (autonumber or number). Then add those to the Invoice form by clicking on the form and selecting "Insert Field".

Sample Invoice

sample invoice

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