Draw Horizontal Seams

Need to run a seam down the long axis of a counter top? Drawing horizontal seams has a few steps. Draw the counter taller than it is wide, rotate it, then define the seam.

If you want the counter to appear horizontal in your customer drawing, rotate it in Step 1 after entering the dimensions.

Drawing horizontal seams will only work if the shape has been drawn from left to right, then change the dimensions to create the vertical piece. If you draw top to bottom, you will still wind up with seams on the short axis.

  1. In Step 1 draw a small rectangle from left to right, even if the countertop will be vertical in the final drawing.
  2. Click on the top edge and enter the smaller dimension of the counter top. Click Save & Next and enter the larger dimension so that the piece is taller than it is wide then Save.draw a counter taller than wide to create a horizontal seam
  3. In Step 5 and click on Area & Slab Layout. Click once on the counter and select Define Seams from the pop-up menu. The seam is now horizontal rather than vertical.define horizontal seam in step 5