Draw Horizontal Seams

If you find you need to indicate a horizontal seam, it can be done in CounterGo using these steps. The trick is to draw your countertop with the height greater than the width (so that the shape appears taller than wide) in Step 1, and then rotate the piece to a horizontal orientation if necessary.

  1. Begin in Step 1 by drawing a small rectangle from left to right, even if you want the countertop to be vertical in the final drawing.

    vertical countertop

  2. Click on the top edge and enter the smaller dimension of the shape you want to draw. Click Save & Next and enter the larger dimension so that your piece is taller than it is wide, then click Save.

    enter smaller dimension on the top

  3. If you want the counter to appear horizontal in your customer drawing, click once on the piece and select to Rotate the counter left or right.

    rotate counter

  4. Move to Step 5 and click on Area & Slab Layout. Click once on the counter and select Define Seams from the pop-up menu. Note the seam is horizontal rather than vertical in the Define Seams box.
    Define seam

This will only work if you have drawn the shape from left to right, then change the dimensions to create the vertical piece. If you draw top to bottom, you will still wind up with seams on the short axis.

drawing need to be from left to right to get the horizontal seam

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