Print A Larger Drawing In Your Quote

When you have multiple countertops on one quote, you may find it helpful to expand the drawing area on your quote form. To make the quote drawing bigger on a printed quote, you can edit the quote form. 

  • Go to Settings > Quote > Forms.
  • Duplicate the quote you want to change (Give it a name to remind you such as "Quote-Big Picture").
  • The simplest change is to make the drawing field the full width of your page. Click and drag the drawing field above the line item field until the blue arrows point to a horizontal line:

drag and drop drawing

  • When you let go, the drawing will take up the full width of the page, making it much bigger:

quote with large drawing field

  • And when you print or email, your quote will look more like this when using your updated template:

large drawing in quote template

Note: Often this will be enough, but if you have a lot of countertops on a single quote, you might want to edit the drawing field and uncheck "Include Measurements", or consider printing in landscape orientation. See Related Articles.

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