New CounterGo Look

In the New CounterGo, you'll find a fresher look that works great on mobile devices like tablets. While all the functionality remains, you may be wondering where some features are in this new, one-click design. This article outlines some basics.


LEFT MENU: Many of the menu items that previously appeared across the top are now on the left side.

TOP BUTTONS: The buttons previously located above the list of Quotes are still located at the top, with updated icons and a new Export icon button.

MENU ARROW: Clicking on the small arrow below your username will anchor the menu to keep it open, or allow for it to collapse.

COLLAPSED MENU: The left side menu can collapse to provide more screen space while you're working. When it collapses, look in the upper left corner for the three white lines, clicking on this will expand the menu. To keep the menu, use the ARROW mentioned above.


All the previous drawing features are still present, they've been moved to the right side.

Clicking the Pan button will allow you to move around the drawing canvas. The green box represents what portion of the canvas you're viewing. Click and hold anywhere inside the green box to move your view.

The Slab layout is still in Step 5, click on the green bar "Area & Slab Layout" below Color & Edge to expand the slab layout area.


There are a few new icons introduced to represent functions that previously appeared in drop-down lists. The most common is the Edit icon, so whenever you see this icon, you can click on it and an edit box will pop up showing you what is available to edit.








How do I get back into my drawing?
Click on the Edit icon located to the right of "Drawing, Revision #..." Note that you may need to scroll to the right if you have zoomed in with your browser settings.

Where do I find Accounts?
Accounts are now nested under Settings. From the left side menu, click on Settings > Account > select from the Account Settings you want to change

How do I add a user?
Admin settings for adding users are now found under Settings. To add a user or change a user permissions, go to Settings > Users & Roles > Users. From here you can click on any listed user to make changes to that user, or click on the +Create icon at the top to add a new user

How do I duplicate a quote?The duplicate function is now found in the quote. From your main list of Quotes, click on the quote to duplicate. Click on the Edit icon to the right of Quote Info > click on the Duplicate icon.

How do I add Other Items in Step 6?
You will see the Add icon, to the right of each counter area you created in the quote. Clicking on that icon will allow you to select any Other Items you have added to your Price List

Where are my drawing buttons in Step 1?
You either need to scroll to the right in your browser window, or the buttons are collapsed. Look for a small half triangle on the right side and click on it to expand your Drawing buttons

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