Adding Deposits to a Quote

On CounterGo quotes, you can create a deposit that will show up on the printable view. Here's how:

  1. First, create a drawing and click the Save button.
  2. You're now on the Quote Detail page, click the Edit Quote Info... button

    edit quote info
  3. Press the + to the right of Deposit (at the bottom of the box)
  4. Enter the amount of the deposit. If you enter a number that's less than 1, it'll be treated as a percentage.
  5. If you want to enter a description of the deposit, it's optional. If you leave it blank, the word "Deposit" will be used.
  6. Click Save

    add deposit
  7. The deposit will appear in the summary of the quote, to the right of the drawing as well as on the printable quotedeposit will appear on quote
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