Step 1 - Draw Your Countertop

Ready to draw some counters? Let's get started by drawing an L-shaped counter with an island. Counters can only be drawn and repositioned in Step 1. This prevents accidental changes as you go through the steps adding features.

Pieces with a minimum width of 1 inch can be drawn in CounterGo.

Drawing an L shaped counter and island
  1. In Step 1, click and hold in the blank space to draw an L-shaped counter and an island. For touchscreen users, don't lift your finger or stylus until you've drawn the complete shape
  2. Click a measurement to enter the exact Edge Length. Click Save & Next Edge to move to another edge of the counter to edit.
  3. Click Save to exit after making the necessary changes.
  4. Click and hold, or for touchscreen users, hold inside a counter piece, and drag to move it.
  5. Click here to move on to STEP 2: Curves & Bumpouts