Step 5 - Color & Edge

On Step 5 you select your material, color and edge profile(s) - and even create a layout to determine how many slabs you need!

color, edge and slab layout

  1. Select a Material. If you don't see the material you need, you will need to Add a Material to Your Price List.
  2. Choose a Color. You can also select Other Color from the very bottom of the list if you don't see the color you need.
  3. Choose an Edge. As with material, you can add additional finished edges to your Price List.
  4. Click >Area#1 Slabs and Layout to determine how many slabs you need or to add a slab image so you can see how seams will look on the stone you've selected.
  5. You're almost done with your first quote! Go to Step 6 - Price Details.
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