Apply Tax On A Quote Or Order

Ready to add tax to your Quote or OrderTax Rates can be created and applied in Step 6 of a Quote or Order. Taxable Items will be marked with a "T" in Step 6 only. When printing or emailing, the total Tax amount will be listed above the Total Price.

We can show you where to enter the taxes you have to collect in our software, but we can't advise you on what gets taxed, how much, or even which tax to charge, consult your Accountant or other tax professional.

See  Related Articles below for help setting Default Tax Rates and applying them, and to set any Non-Taxable Items in the Price List.

  1. Go to Step 6 of your Quote or Order
  2. Click the Edit Price Settings icon.
  3. Select <New Tax Rate> from the Tax Rate dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the Name and Tax percentage.

manually apply tax to a quote or order