Add Sink Models To A Price List

Want to save some time when you are Quoting? Add your most common Sink Models to your Price List. Once you do, you will see a list of those Sink Models to choose from in Step 4, no need to enter any information.

If you also add your Sink Cutout charges to your Price List, those will automatically be applied in Step 6. See Related Articles for more information.

  1. Open your Price List and scroll to Sink Model.
  2. Click +Sink Model.
  3. Enter Name, Price, Sink Type, Shape, Cutout Dimensions, and Faucet Hole Count then Save.add a sink model to a price list
  4. Save your Price List.
  5. The Sink Model appears during Step 4 when adding a sink to a Drawing.chose a saved sink model in step 4 of a quote