Understand Multiple Edges

Understanding how to assign multiple edges to a countertop can be confusing at first. Multiple edges are created in Step 3 AND Step 5.

  • In Step 3 we are telling the system if an edge has a  finish   style or does not, regardless of which edge style we will later choose. A finished edge is designated by the letter "F" and/or a number after it. An edge without a finished edge style is either Appliance or Unfinished.
  • In Step 5 we tell the system which edge style to apply to each edge, regardless of the abbreviation in Step 3.

Each time you click on an edge in Step  3,    if that edge finish will be different from the other edges on that countertop, select "Additional Finished Edge..."

add additional finished edgeIn the example below, there are edges with and without a  finish  style on the L-shaped counter and each edge of the island has a different edge style. That totals of 6 possible edges for the entire quote.

picture showing 6 different edge styles

Move to Step 5 and select to use 6 different edge styles by clicking "Add Edge".

add edge to match how many you will need

Next, the edge styles will need to be assigned to each countertop. What you assign as "F1" on one counter is not automatically assigned to the same "F1" on another piece. Think of each countertop as unique.

Click on the counter in the thumbnail and decide which edge style to assign to each different edge. In this example, the L-shaped counter is assigned first two edge styles on the list.

assign edge to the number it corresponds to on counter

Because there are 4 different edges for the island selected in Step 3 (F1-F4), there are 4 edge styles to assign in Step 5. You can use any of the 6 edge styles you previously added, each one is listed.

Note: Once you have assigned each edge style to a Finished Edge, the list in Step 5 will show that each edge style has a counter(s) where it is used. if you see an  edge  style with "unused" next to the name, it has not been assigned.

showing unused edge

To assign them, just click on the thumbnail drawing and select that edge style from the list of options.