Add Faucets To Your Price List

Do you want to include faucets when you are quoting? If you have a manageable number of faucets you sell, add faucets as an Other Item in your Price List, and they will be available in Step 6 of your Quote.

If you carry hundreds of faucets, or if you order each as needed, then the simplest approach is to add each one manually in Step 6 as you create a Quote, instead of adding them all to your Price List. Other Item Options start to get unwieldy with more than 15 choices.

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  1. Go to Price Lists > click on the name of the Price List to edit.
  2. Click the Edit icon across from Revisions to open the Price List in edit mode.
  3. Scroll to the bottom to Other Items > click Add Other and price list and add other item
  4. Enter an Item Name, check or uncheck the available preferences, and enter a Price.
  5. Click the Add Multiple Options icon to add several faucets then Save your Price List.add multiple options to an other item
  6. In Step 6 click the Add Other Item icon next to any area and select from the drop-down list.add an other item from the price list in step 6