Create Custom Fields

Custom Fields are useful for tracking additional information for each quote. For example, custom fields could capture lead source, auto-incrementing quote number or pipeline status. Quotes can be filtered by custom fields. For instance, a view can show all quotes with a status of 'Sold'. Custom Fields appear on the quote detail page for all quotes. To input information for each quote, click the Edit icon across from Quote Info.

Warning: Deleting a custom field permanently deletes any information entered in that field on all quotes.

  1. Go to Settings > Quote > Fields and click +Create.create quote field
  2. Enter a field Name. enter field name
  3. Choose List of Values as Data Type.choose list of values
  4. Enter the values that you want to appear in the drop-down list for this field. Click Save.enter values
  5. Open a Quote and click the Edit Quote Info icon. edit quote info
  6. Choose from the list of values for your new custom field.choose from the valuesSee Related Articles to learn how to customize your Quote View so you can view the new field and even filter quotes by that field. For example, you can create a view to show only quotes created this month that are marked Won.

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