Round Up Material Areas

CounterGo does not currently support automated rounding up of material Areas. This solution presented below enables full control over rounding and adding waste material to the Area total.

The only way to enter additional square footage in CounterGo is by adding a counter piece to a Drawing.

If you are not including the Drawing in the Quote to the customer, draw a smaller piece of countertop anywhere in the Drawing field. If you are including a Drawing and do not want the small additional piece to show, move it under one of the larger countertop pieces.

  1. Draw the necessary countertops for the Quote.
  2. Check the square foot total for the Area in Step 6
    Note how much material must be added to round up or account for waste.
    Here is a quick reference of dimensions that generate common amounts.Dimensions Table
  3. Return to Step 1 and draw a small countertop piece that equals the round-up/waste amount.
  4. Drag the primary countertop over the waste counter piece to obscure it.
  5. Confirm the Area total matches the desired total in Step 6.
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