Allow Or Prevent Price Edits

Need to change what prices can be modified in Step 6 of a Quote or Order? By default, all products in a Price List are set to Edit Price On Quote. You may want to give your salespeople flexibility with some items and not others.

You can allow or prevent your non-administrator CounterGo Users from editing prices in Quotes or Orders for any item in the Price List.


  1. Go to Price Lists > click on the Price List to update > click on the Edit icon across from price list in edit moed
  2. Click on the Edit icon by the item you want to change.
  3. Check the box next to Edit Price On Quote to allow edits, uncheck to prevent edits, then Save.
  4. Save your Price LIst.


  1. Go to Price Lists > click on the Price List to update > click on the Edit icon across from a price list in edit mode
  2. Click the Update Multiple button then Set Edit Price On Quote.
  3. Check the box next to items to allow edits, uncheck to prevent edits, then Save.
  4. Save your Price List.set multiple items for editing
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