Add New Colors To A Material Or Product

You can easily add colors to existing materials/products in your Price List so that you can quickly select them from the drop-down list in Step 5 when quoting.

To add new colors to an existing product on a Price List:

  1. Click on Price Lists > Click on the name of the Price List you want to edit > Click the Edit icon across from Revisions to edit the Price List.

    Edit price list

  2. On the line next to the product name, click on the "+Colors" icon on the right side.

    add colors

  3. Enter one new color name per line, then click SAVE.
  4. When finished adding colors to all your materials, be sure to save your Price List by clicking the SAVE icon in the upper right corner.


When adding several new colors, it's often easier to have a list of new colors in Excel. Copy & paste the new colors into the Add Colors dialog (per step 3 above), one per line.

Copy and paste colors