Filter Fabrication Charge By Material Color

Need to set different Fabrication Charges for different  Material Colors? Create two separate Materials and apply a Filter to the Fabrication Charge based on the product.
This example creates a Material called Standard Granite and one called Specialty Granite.
For more information about renaming and re-adding Materials, or using Filters in your Price List, see Related Articles below.

  1. Go to Price Lists > click the Name of the Price List to update > click the Edit Price List button.Edit a Price List
  2. Click on Material > select a Material > rename the Material.
  3. Click the Add Material icon.
  4. Add the original Material again.
  5. Enter a Type and Default Slab size, and select any available options necessary.add a material back into the price list
  6. Click Fabrication & Installation and click the Add icon next to Fabrication Charge.
  7. Choose the Filter by Product button and choose Specialty Granite then click Save. Repeat for any other Materials.add a filtered fabrication charge