Convert Slab Cost To Square Meters

Confused about what to enter in the  Price List when charging by the slab? Even if you sell your Material by the slab, you will need to enter the price per square meter in your Price List. For more details on pricing by the slab, see Related Articles below.

Before editing your  Price List, you will need to determine the square meter price of your slab. Use this Excel spreadsheet, Slab-to-Sqmt-Calculator-(metric).xlsx to calculate your square meter price based on the size of the slab, the cost of the slab, and the percent markup you need to add. Enter the appropriate numbers for dimensions, cost you paid, and any markup to calculate the price per square meter to enter in CounterGo.

As with any calculations, be sure to check your math!

image of downloadable slab to square meter calculator excel file

  1. Go to Price Lists > click the Name of the Price List to update > click the Edit Price List button.Edit a Price List
  2. Click Material then select a Material to edit from the submenu.
    Verify that the dimensions of the Slab size match what you used in your calculation.
  3. Select By The Slab then enter the price per square meter from your calculation.
    If all of the Material is priced by the slab, select All priced by the slab at the top of the list of Colors or Price Groups for that Material.
  4. Save the Price List.enter price per square meter for a slab