Create A Desktop Shortcut

Do you want to skip having to type in your database URL? Create a desktop shortcut to have an icon to click on to take you directly to your database. The example below creates a shortcut using Chrome as the browser.

You can create a shortcut from CounterGo or Systemize.

You can login to your Moraware system from any browser, computer or mobile device. Just type your Moraware URL into the address bar of your browser. Your URL is usually your company name, with no spaces, followed by "", for example,

  1. Login to your Moraware database and go to the View you'd like to be your default.
  2. Make the browser window small enough so you can see your desktop in the background.
  3. Highlight the URL listed in the web address line of your browser. 
  4. Click, hold, drag and drop that web address to your desktop to create a shortcut. 
  5. Click on that shortcut anytime you want to launch a browser and login to your Moraware system.drag your url to your desktop to create a login shortcut