Track Quoted Square Feet

**Intended for customers NOT using JobTracker

Although there are no reports built-in to CounterGo, you can use custom fields and a custom View to summarize quote details and then Export to Excel. This approach requires manual re-entry of information. It’s not a lot of work, but it’s easy to enter incorrect information or to forget to make changes after you change a quote. That may make this technique unworkable for many, but some customers have found it valuable.

  1. Add a custom field for the information you'd like to track. For this example, I added "Quoted Sq Ft".
  2. When finishing a Quote, add up total square feet of fabrication. * Use a calculator for multiple areas.

    add up total square feet of fabrication. * Use a calculator for multiple areas

  3. After saving Quote, on Quote detail page, click Edit Quote Info, and enter the value in the Custom Field.enter the value in the Custom Field
  4. To see the new custom field in a Quote view, go to Quotes > Options > Display Fields +  then select your Quoted Sq Ft field. view quoted sq ft in quotes
  5. To save this view see: Save a quote view
  6. Copy your view and Export to Excel.

    export to excel

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