Repeat Quote Header On Second Page

You can't add an additional "Header" field for your second page, but you can recreate it fairly closely.

For a brief introduction of customizing your quote form see Related Articles.

add additional header for second page

Add a Page Break to specify the beginning of the second page. 

For the logo section:

  1. Add a field for Static Image, choose your logo to upload and press Save.
  2. Click and drag this field past the page break.
  3. Click the new logo field and set the border at 0 px.

add a static image field

For the address section:

  1. Add a field for Static Text, enter your business name and address.
  2. Click and drag this field to the right of your new logo field.
  3. Click the new address field and click on the Cell tab and set  Border 0px, Alignment Right.

    add field for static text

  4. Click on the Value tab and set Font larger and Bold yes.

edit value tab and set font size and bold

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