What Are Orders?

Orders is a new feature in CounterGo that allows you to track which Quotes will be going forward, as well as the details of the Quote and Payment history. See Related Articles below for step by step guides to using Orders. Have questions? Email us at support@moraware.com.

When a customer wants to move forward with a Quote, you can turn it into an Order.convert quote to order

Orders have a similar look and feel as Quotes, with an additional Payment area to keep financials and details easy to review at a glance. Just like Quotes, they have a Summary area and can be printed or emailed using customizable Order Forms.order Info details page

You can create  Views for your Orders the same way you create Quote Views, keeping info organized and at your fingertips.

Order View

If you also use Systemize, you can create a Job from an Order and pull in relevant details.Systemize Job showing Order Info

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