Create A Systemize Job From A CounterGo Order

If you are also using Systemize, you can quickly create a Job from an Order.

Because every Job must be in an Account in Systemize, if you have a Standalone Order, you'll need to either create an Account for it when you create the Job or move it to an existing Account before you create the Job.

For details on moving a Standalone Order to an existing Account, see Related Articles below.

  1. Open an existing Order.
  2. To create a new Account for a Standalone Order as you create a Job click the Create New Account icon.create an account for a standalone order
  3. If the Order is already in an Account click the Create New Job icon and select a Process, enter a Name and select a Template.create a job from an order
  4. Scroll towards the bottom of the Job to see your Order Details.Job Details page showing Order Summery