Ambiguous Order Warnings

CounterGo will alert you to any details that have not been selected or missing prices with the Ambiguous Order warning.

Quotes can be created without all details selected, while still providing an estimate of costs for the customer. For example, a Quote may have multiple Color Options for comparison, or only a Price Group selected as the color for a Product, not the final color. Once that Quote becomes an Order, those missing details need to be selected.

The Ambiguous Order warning is indicated by the orange Warning Bell icon, visible in several areas. Open and Edit the Drawing to complete the Order. See Related Articles below for details.

Ambiguous Order warning in an  Order View.Ambiguous Order warning in an Order View.

Ambiguous Order warning in Order Info.Ambiguous Order warning in Order Info.

Ambiguous Order warning in  Order Summary.Ambiguous Order warning in Order Summary.

Ambiguous Order warnings in a Job.Ambiguous Order warnings in a Job.

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