CounterGo Quick Start Guide - New User


This Quick Start Guide is a list of hand-picked help articles to guide you through the set-up process if you've never used CounterGo before. You can also check out our Getting Started Videos to get Quoting quickly. If you have questions or would like to set up a call, email our friendly CounterGo experts at


Our Step-by-Step articles will walk you through creating a Quote from beginning to end. Start with the first article below to go through all the articles in the Getting Started Series.Drawing

After finishing the Getting Started Series, these are popular Drawing topics to explore further.


You can quickly customize your Quote & Orders Forms with your logo and contact information. Forms determine how your Quotes & Orders look when you send them to your customers. Forms


Create an Email Template so you can email Quotes & Orders to customers directly through CounterGoemail templates


We recommend starting your CounterGo pricing with a single Price List. Ideally, use one Price List for your highest prices and then add discounts for builders and dealers. The fewer Price Lists you have, the fewer you’ll need to update later. Price list


Convert Quotes to Orders once a customer decides to go forward and you can Invoice, Record Payments, and track your sales through CounterGo.  

convert quote to order

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