Get Started Video 3: Materials, Areas, & Layout


  • Select Material, Color, & Edge
  • Multiple Areas
  • Add One-Time Other Color
  • Slab Layout
  • Add Slab Images

Hi, this is Annie from Moraware! Welcome to Materials, Areas & Layout. Log in to your CounterGo database. Start a new Quote or open an existing one. Click on Step 5.

You’ll be able to add in all your Materials, Colors, Edges, and pricing into your Price List later, but for now, make a selection from the drop-down menu. Choose a Material, a Color, and an Edge.

By default, all your counter pieces will be put into one Area. If you’re quoting more than one area or using multiple materials in one Quote, you can divide the Quote up to show that. Click on “+ Counter Area” to add an additional Area in the Quote.

Across from “Area # 2” is a small piece of paper with a pencil icon, the Edit icon. Click on it to rename this area something more meaningful, like “Island”.

Look at the small thumbnail drawing for this new Area “Island”. Notice all the pieces are grey. Click on a piece and select to “Make this counter a member of Island” to add it to the Area. Every time you create a new CounterArea, you have to tell CounterGo which pieces belong in that Area.

With countertops in different Areas, you can select different Materials, Colors, and Edges. Let’s make a few changes so that the Island is different than the Perimeter counters. We will use a one-time “Other Color” for this area. This feature lets you add a color to this Quote only, it will not add it to your Price List.

In the Color drop-down, scroll to the bottom to find “Other Color”. Enter the color Name and the Price per square foot.

Even if you are going to be pricing by the slab, you must enter a price per square foot. CounterGo will calculate the cost of the entire slab based on the number you enter. For this counter, I am going to price it by the square foot, so I'll uncheck Priced By The Slab. I'll leave Allow Discount checked in case I want to apply a discount in Step 6.

We are ready to lay out our pieces on slabs and add slab images. Click on Perimeter Slab & Layout in the green bar, then check the Show Layout box.

CounterGo will estimate how many slabs you need. Notice the pieces are stacked on top of one another. When all the pieces turn green, your layout is good to go. Yellow, Orange, and Red warn you when pieces are overlapping, off the slab, or both.

Move counter pieces by clicking and holding your mouse on any piece. Click once on any piece to rotate pieces or define seams. Click on a large piece and select Define Seams.

Move your mouse over the counter piece and click to place a seam. If you don’t like the placement, click on the delete icon to the right of that seam to remove it.

Position all your pieces so that they are green. If you need to add an additional slab, click +Slab in the lower left corner.

Time to add a slab image! Click on the slab dimensions to the right of the layout.

This is where you can adjust the size of your slab, delete a slab, or click on Select Image to add an image to this slab.

You will need to have slab images saved on your computer or in the cloud before you get to this step.

Since your database is empty, click on +ImageFile then Choose to Upload. This will let you step through locations on your computer or cloud to find your image. Select the file then click Save.

The green rectangle you see is the proportional representation of your slab. If you click and hold on an edge or corner you can resize the box to eliminate any unwanted areas in the image file. You can also click and hold to reposition the green box on the image. Click Save when you are ready to place the image.

The image is placed on the slab and when you move your pieces, it will update in real-time.

For the island slab, I’ll use an image I’ve uploaded before. Using the same steps, I’ll click on the slab dimensions, then Select Image, and now I’ll search for the image I used in another Quote since it is already saved in my database. Once you have added images to your database they are always in your database and you can search for them without having to upload them.

I can reposition the image in the slab representation if I need to, and now all my pieces have a slab image.

There are lots of places to find Help as you are working, including when you are in the Drawing steps. From the top menu bar, click on the Help icon, then SearchHelp, to open our OnlineHelpCenter in a new window.

That covers the details of Step 5. We'll go through adding prices in Step 6.

If you have questions or would like to set up a quick call with one of our friendly CounterGo experts, email Happy Quoting!