Get Started Video 6: Email Templates


  • Create Email Templates
  • Email Quotes & Orders
  • Email Tracking
  • Inactivate / Reactivate Email Links

Hi, this is Evan from Moraware! Welcome to Email Templates. Log in to your CounterGo database. From the left-side navigation, click on Settings, Quote &Order, Email Templates.

CounterGo has two kinds of email Templates. 

My Email Templates are unique to the user login name. 

For example, I have two CounterGo users in my database myself, and Desmond. 

If I make a MyEmailTemplate, it will not be available for Desmond to use when he logs in with his unique username and password.

Shared Email Templates are visible to any user logged into your database. 

If I make a Shared Email Template, it will be available for me, and for Desmond to use.

Let’s make a Shared Email Template. Click on the Add icon.

Your Email Templates will appear as a drop-down menu, when you go to use them. 

It’s a good idea to name the Template something that gives you an idea of which template it is, or who needs to use it. This name does not show in the email — or on the Quote or Order. 

I want to make a Template for my Sales team to use, so I’ll name it “Sales Team”. The email entered in the ‘From:” box, shows as the sender when the recipient gets your email. This is also where a reply from them will go. CounterGo can send and track outgoing Quotes and Orders only. Incoming email will go to the email inbox you specify in this area.

By default, you’ll see your user name in the “From Name” field. Let’s change that to a person or company name — to look more professional.

For the Subject Line and the Body, put in any standard text you don’t want to have to retype. When you go to use the email template, you can still modify the Subject Line and the Body. Make sure you don’t delete this “PDFLink” in brackets. That’s the link for your customers to click on to view their Quotes or Orders. You can add any text above or below it. This looks good, so I’ll save it — and now I have my first Email Template made.

If you need to make changes to a Template, click on its name to modify. This is also where you can delete a Template — if you no longer need it. 

Time to take a look at where these templates are  —  and how to use them. Open an existing Quote, and from the top menu bar — click on the Email button. The very first menu will list all the Email Templates you’ve made. Right below that — you can select which Quote & Order Form Template to use.

If you want a quick preview of how the Quote or Order will look for the customer, click on the Print icon at the top.

Enter the email you want to send this Quote or Order to — and any additional text you want to add to the Subject Line or Body. 

Scroll down below your drawing. CounterGo tracks information like the date and time you sent the email,  who you sent it to, how many times the customer has opened it and the most recent date and time they did, along with who sent the email.

There may be times when you need to inactivate the link you emailed to a customer. Click on the date and time it was sent, then click the Inactivate button. The Quote link in the email you sent will no longer be active.

To reactivate, click on the date and time again then click Activate Link.If you want to send the email again, click on Resend Message.

You can also display when Email links to Quotes and Orders are viewed in your QuoteViews.

There are lots of places to find Help as you are working. 

From the left side navigation, click on Help then SearchHelp to open our OnlineHelpCenter in a new window.

That covers how to set up, edit and use your Email Templates.

The next video, Waterfall & Multiple Edges, will go through how to quote special edges like waterfalls or counters with multiple edge finishes.

If you have questions or would like to set up a quick call with one of our friendly CounterGo experts email

Happy Quoting!