Getting Started 8: Segmented Edges & Splashes


  • Create A Minimal Bump-in
  • Segment An Edge
  • Different Splash Heights

Hi, this is Annie from Moraware! Welcome to Segmented Edges & Splashes. Log in to your CounterGo database. Make a new Quote so you’ll have a copy of what we do in your database.

Draw a countertop in Step 1. Move to Step 2. This is where we’ll add a Bump-in, then segment the Edge.

When you add a Bump-In or Bump-Out to an edge, you can segment that edge to apply different Splashes. So you can apply different splash heights to the same edge. Use this same process if you need to apply different Edge Fnishes to the same edge.

Add a Bump-In that has a depth of zero point one. I’m going to enter the dimensions behind a cooktop so it’s Splash can be different than the rest of the countertop. CounterGo always rounds up, so the total square footage will be the same as without the Bump-in.

Leave the position set to Center to automatically place it in the center of the countertop. Or offset the Bump-in by selecting Left or Right as the position, then enter the distance from the left or right where the Bump-in should begin.

Move to Step 3 and select “Segment This Edge” from the pop-up menu. Now the edge is divided into 3 segments instead of one long one.

Let’s give this edge Splashes of different heights. Starting on the left, click on the segment and select a 5-inch Splash. Do the same for the segment on the right. Click on the middle segment and select “Other Splash”. Enter the height for the full height Splash.

Go to Step 5 and select your Material, Color and Edge. Under Area Slab & Layout arrange your counter and splash pieces on your slabs.

In Step 6 you will see totals for the different Splashes.

Don’t forget there are lots of places to find Help as you are working, including when you are in the Drawing steps. From the top menu bar, click on the Help icon, then Search Help, to open our Online Help Center in a new window.

Save this Quote to exit the drawing steps.

That covers how to segment an edge to create splashes with different heights along the same countertop.

The next video, [Pan and Zoom] will go through shortcuts for navigating your drawing canvas.

If you have questions or would like to set up a quick call with one of our friendly CounterGo experts, email Happy Quoting!