Getting Started 10: Orders


  • Create An Order
  • Set Individual Payment Terms
  • Track Payments
  • Void A Payment
  • Cancel & Uncancel An Order

Hi, this is Evan from Moraware. Welcome to CounterGo’s Orders. Log in to your CounterGo database.

You might want to pause the video and make a new test Quote to try making an Order. When a Quote sale turns into a real piece of business, you can change that Quote into an Order to track payments received. If you also use Systemize you’ll be able to convert the Order to a Job.

Once you convert a Quote to an Order, you can cancel the Order, but it can’t be deleted.

I’ll open a Quote that’s ready to go forward. I can convert the Quote to an Order by clicking the Order icon. Orders and Quotes look similar, but Orders have a Payment section.

If you didn’t already set Payment Terms, you can enter terms manually now. See our help section for more on creating Default Payment Terms.

Click on the Edit icon in the Order Info area.

Next, click on the Edit Payment Terms icon. You can set Payment Terms to be either a percent of the total or a fixed amount. I’m going to set this to 50% expected for a deposit and the remaining 50% will be the balance due.

When the Order Summary is expanded, the calculated Payment Terms are listed at the bottom.

Once I receive a payment I can track that here in the Order. I’ll click on Add Payment across from Payments and enter the amount the customer pays, how they paid, and reference number and notes if needed. Those details show here once the Payment is recorded.

Looking at the Order Summary again, the payment is reflected in the total.

Payments can’t be deleted, but if you’ve made a mistake entering the payment, open the Payment and you can Void it. Or if you need to refund the payment to the customer, use the Refund icon.

If an Order is no longer going forward, you can cancel it by clicking the Edit icon across from Order Info. An Order can be un-canceled by going to the same area of a canceled Order and clicking the Un-Cancel icon.

Clicking on Orders from the left side lists all your current Orders, and you can customize these Views to display other information not already shown.

For more info on using Orders, click on Help, then Search Help, to open our online Help Center in a new window.

If you have questions or would like to set up a quick call with one of our friendly CounterGo experts, email