Non-Standard Mitered Edges Overview

CounterGo does offer a mitered finish as a possible Edge selection. Whether the additional Edge is an apron all the way to the floor, or just a partial, it is important to draw the second piece that will miter to the first to account for the extra material, before assigning any Edge Finishes.

NOTE: The Edge Finish "miter" simply refers to the cut, it does not include the material for the extra pieces.

Waterfalls created in Step 3 will automatically create the mitered cut and the additional material. If you need to create a waterfall without using the standard feature, it can be done, but there are multiple steps involved.

Creating non-standard (not using the Step 3 Waterfall Edge feature) waterfall edges has four parts:

  • draw the pieces
  • indicate which edges will be mitered
  • add a second edge finish type
  • apply the finish to the countertop pieces.

Go through the steps in the Waterfall & Multiple Edges video in our Help Library, or see the Related Article listed below.

Example of the main counter and the edge material for the miter in Step 1.

Example of a waterfall all the way to the floor in Step 1.