Price Lists Video: Use Metric Settings & Price Lists


  • Change System Settings to metric.
  • Activate the default metric Price List.
  • Create a metric Price List.
  • Inactivate the default Imperial Price List.
Hi. Do you use metric instead of Imperial units of measure? You can change your CounterGo database, to metric and activate or create a metric Price List. 
First let's switch your Quote and Order measurements to metric. Go to Settings, Quote & Order, then Measurements.
Click on the Edit icon and select millimeters as the Default Units. 
Time to activate your metric Price List or create a new one.
Click on Price List. 
If you have a Price List greyed-out called Retail MM ,click on it. Click the Status at the top to activate the Price List. 
If you don't have an active metric Price List in your database, click the Create button at the top. Enter a name for the Price List, and select millimeters as the Units. 
If you don't need the default imperial Price lLst, it's a  good idea to inactivate it, so it doesn't get used by mistake.
Click on Retail, then change the Status to Inactive. 
If you have questions, the CounterGo Knowledge Base has lots of helpful articles and videos. 
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