Price Lists: Add Materials And Colors


  • Add new Material to your Price List.
  • Add or remove Colors.

Hi, this is Amanda from Moraware. I’m going to show you how to add Materials and Colors to your Price List.

When you click Price Lists, you’ll see you already have a starter list called Retail. The inactive list in grey is for using the metric system. If you do use metric, stop this video and watch “Use Metric Settings & Price Lists” then come back.

Click the Retail Price List to view it. Click the Edit icon to make changes to it.

To add Material, click the Add Material icon. You have two choices, Built-in and Custom. Built-in Materials have been pre-loaded into CounterGo with many of the most common Colors. Choose a Built-in material and click Next. The type of material is automatically entered.

Let’s take a look at some options you can set. Allow Discount will let you apply discounts to this material when you want to. Edit Price On Quote means you can manually override the price in Step 6 of a Quote or Order. Allow Other Color lets you add colors to a specific Quote or Order without adding them to the price list. And Taxable is what it sounds like. It designates this item can have tax applied.

Enter the slab size. You can manually change the size in Step 5. If you leave this blank, CounterGo will assume the slab is 120 by 60.

You can see there are lots of Colors preloaded. Let’s save this and look at how to add or remove Colors.

Click the edit icon next to any Color to rename or delete it.

To add Colors to a Material, click the Add Color icon.

You can type in Colors, one per line, or copy and paste them from a pdf or spreadsheet if you have them stored elsewhere. Click Save and you’re all done!

If you have questions, we’ve got lots of helpful articles and videos, or call or email our friendly CounterGo specialists.

Thanks for stopping by!