Price Lists: Add Finished Edges


  • Add or delete Finished Edges
  • Add a thumbnail image of Edge

Hi, this is Annie from Moraware!

Let’s take a minute to add any Finished Edges you need to your Price List. CounterGo has many of the most common Edges preloaded. Adding or deleting Edges is quick and easy.

Click on Price Lists and then click the name of the Price List to modify. Click the Edit icon to make changes to it.

Scroll down to the Finished Edges section. Click the Add icon in the green “All Products" area.

You can add in as many Edges as needed, one per line.

You’ll see the new Edge doesn’t have a thumbnail image. Click on the Edit icon to add one. In this box, click on the blank image space, then scroll through to find the thumbnail you want.  If this Edge is going to be laminated, select double or triple.

To delete a Finished Edge, click on the Edit icon, then click on the Delete icon.

If you have questions, we’ve got lots of helpful articles and videos, or call or email our friendly CounterGo specialists.

Thanks for stopping by!